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“I’m incredibly humbled and inspired by the enormous support and encouragement I’ve received from all over District 46 since launching my campaign six weeks ago,” said Edelson. “I’m running an aggressive grassroots campaign focused on listening to everyone in the community and talking about the issues that impact their lives and families. There are no better or stronger partners in this work than the residents of the 46th District. I look forward to serving our diverse, dynamic, and resilient communities in the General Assembly.
– Mark Edelson
Mark is a natural leader, with a proven track record of getting things done. As a Baltimore City resident and former Delegate, I know Baltimore needs more people like Mark to represent us in Annapolis.

– Carolyn Krysiak,
Former State Delegate, District 46


I’m always impressed with how Mark can unite diverse people of different backgrounds around a common cause – and actually get the job done.

– Dave Werkmeister,
Patterson Park Neighborhood Association


Full List of Endorsements

Keisha Allen                    Mike Ball
Ms. Betty Bland-Thomas
Brooke Bomberger
Amanda Bourgeois
Sharon Brackett
Janan Broadbent
Chris Broughton
Sue Carlin
Sam Cogen
Liam Davis
Joseph Di Seta
Wynonna Engle-Pratt
Brant Fisher
Nick Frisone
Phyllis Fung
Max Green
Torbin Green
Mark J.A. Jaskulski
Erin Johnson
Ms. Jacqueline Q. Joi
Nina Kasniunas
Nick Kirley
Joe Kohler
Pat Lundberg
Kim Maloni
Beth Manning
Kate McComiskey
Arch McKown
Juan Nunez
Brian Seel
Sam Sidh
Sophia Silbergeld
Tray Smith
Dr. Steve Sobelman
Brian Sweeney
Aaron Tomarchio
Claudia Towles
Jed Weeks
Dave Werkmeister
Thierry Youbi